Barn cats are semi-feral and are ideal for barns, sheds, garages, farms, horse stables, or other locations with outdoor shelter. There are some cats who, much like dogs, love to work outside and be in the great outdoors. It's a great way to address rodent and pest control naturally. Some barn cats are socialized (friendly) and some are feral (untamed) but all of them serve an important purpose. We receive these cats just as we receive our other fosters, but have determined after assessment they will not fit the needs of an indoor family cat. Make a difference in a cat's life and get a companion to keep your area pest free and give a cat a job and place to call home!

Available cats are shown below with a brief description.  Please call us for details regarding where we think they would do best for placement. Of course, the cats are not available for a meet and greet at PetSmart and are located at a foster home.

You agree to:

  • Read this handout on Barn Cat Relocation
  • You must provide shelter with inside and outdoor access for various climate changes in Michigan
  • Provide food and water daily (this means every day!) even though they hunt, you must provide food and water
  • These cats provide companionship for horses and other farm animals
  • All barn cats come spayed/neutered with current Rabies vaccination
  • As the owner of the cat, you must agree to not let them suffer and provide adequate medical care should something happen and they get hurt in a fight, hit by a car, get sick, etc.
  • It is recommended to keep them inside a large crate for 3 weeks to acclimate them to their new surroundings, other animals in the barn, sounds, and smells, and for feeding purposes. This will help the cat adjust and understand their new home and where the food is located.
  • While there is no fee, we appreciate a donation to cover medical costs, if possible.

Here's a story about an outdoor kitty who is now famous for his presence in the shop he lived in. You never know, maybe the barn cat you adopt will be famous too!

The Worlds Most Famous Cat.- Dirt the Cat at the Nevada Northern Locomotive Shops



Available Barn/Shop Cats Updated:  12-30-23



Stoney - Male

dob 8/9/19

Stoney has quite a story. His name comes from the Stoneridge neighborhood in Traverse City where he had reportedly been let loose by his owner and had wandered for several months, in rough shape with his right eye ruptured and hanging from the socket. A concerned neighbor was able to lure him into a carrier and ask TC Paw for help. Stoney went immediately to the vet to have the eye removed and sutured shut and to be neutered and vaccinated. In his TC Paw foster home, Stoney was at first unapproachable and aggressive. He had to be crated for a couple of months, and he would strike out if touched more than briefly. Stoney comes out of the crate now, looking for attention. He likes to be petted, and he head-butts your hand for more. While he can still be unpredictable, he is learning to trust people and be comfortable. He doesn't seem to care for dogs, but he's interested in, not aggressive toward, other cats.

Stoney is positive for FIV, common among cats who've been stray for long time. It is something to be aware of but not afraid of. People don't catch it from cats. Other cats can get it only from deep bite wounds. He does need a special home with experienced cat owners who don't have aggressive cats or little kids. In a barn or climate-controlled outdoor shop, with a  diet and regular vet care, Stoney can live a long life as a friendly, companionable pet.

Adopted 12-30-23